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About a week ago I was proudly taking my grandson to the YMCA for swim lessons. My natural inclination when stepping into the place of energy and explanation of reasons we should be doing something to maintain our minds and bodies is to look to see what they might have planned to motivate me to do so.

In the front lobby are flyers advertising upcoming classes. They are all conveniently organized by age. In the “Active older adult” section “Boomers and Seniors” caught my eye. My little (or big) ego latched on to that flyer without a thought and then I chuckled inside to myself. Now, I know realistically if I were to begin any sort of exercise program I probably wouldn’t be classified as an active older adult. To consider programs in the senior category would be wise. Yet, why should you think that just because you are of a certain age you are automatically less capable? So, who was the marketing genius that came up with the obvious rebrand for us ego driven Boomers? Before anyone gets upset, let me make the point.

According to AARP I have been a senior for nine years. While continuing to serve and have programing for people that we would call our moms and dads, changes at the Senior Center are evolving into the next generation. That’s me and my friends. Before you say “I’m not old enough,” or, “There isn’t anything for me,” at the Senior Center please come down and be a part of the building of programs to help us welcome the Boomers to our facility. You will be pleased in what you find and proud to know that all of our programs help to sustain people of all ages in the Sheridan community. We thank the YMCA for their contributions to the community as well.

Boomers and seniors are invited to “age out loud” and join us, our community partner the Wyoming Wilderness Association and Steve Stresky, local geoscientist and trekker extraordinaire, for our summer hike and outings programing. Outings organized by WWA are led by educators such as biology professor, Dr. Ami Erickson, and ornithologist, Dr. Jackie Canterbury. A variety of terrain and difficulty options will be offered. Call us at 672-2240 or see or for more information.

We’ll have our bicycle check out available again this year. A check-out system is set up at our front desk. This courtesy is made possible with the help of the Elks club bike rehab program.

What summer outdoor activity promotes coordination, patience, improves your mood, flexibility, light cardio, mindfulness, relieves stress? Horseshoes! We plan on meeting each Thursday morning at 9 a.m. at Kendrick Park (on the east side of the park). They have six horseshoe pits waiting to be used. We try to play by the rules but bend them a little for beginners. In addition, the Sheridan Recreation District has pits at Thorne-Rider Park. If Thursdays don’t work for you, come check them out and play when you can.

Another great outdoor experience is waiting for you at Kendrick Golf Course. Brian the resident golf pro tells me they lend clubs and balls for use on their chipping and putting greens free of charge from 7 a.m. to dark. Call them for more info at 674-8148.

Lastly, I would invite and encourage the retired (or not) and talented to get in touch with me in hopes of setting up new programing here at the Senior Center.

Jane Perkins is the “director of fun” at the Sheridan Senior Center. Center Stage is written by friends of the Senior Center for the Sheridan Community. It is a collection of insights and stories related to living well at every age.

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