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Democrats  caterwauling over Comey firing

Re: Trump, Nixon comparisons

High profile Democrats in Congress and in the media have been highly critical of FBI Director James Comey for a long time with many claiming to have lost faith in him and that he needed to go. But now they are slamming President Donald Trump for firing Comey, alleging that the timing of this action smacks of an attempt to scuttle the Russia investigation. Some have even called it “Nixonian” and a “constitutional crisis,” even though everyone knows that executive department appointees serve at the president’s pleasure.

Comparisons to Richard Nixon’s 1973 firing of the independent special counsel overseeing the Watergate investigation are totally non-analogous. The investigation of Nixon was far along with significant evidence having been collected; the allegations of collusion by members of the Trump campaign team with Russia are, by the admission of former DNI James Clapper, without hard evidence. The 1973 matter was a criminal investigation, whereas the Russia probe is a counterintelligence investigation and will, Democrat caterwauling notwithstanding, continue unabated despite Comey’s having been fired.

As to the issue of timing, the Senate Democrats have been slow walking the confirmation process of Trump executive department nominees, resulting in Rod Rosenstein’s being confirmed as Deputy Attorney General only in late April. As the DOJ official who directly supervises the FBI Director, Rosenstein conducted a review of the FBI and last week recommended that Comey be dismissed. Attorney General Sessions concurred and Comey was then fired by Trump. Rosenstein, by the way, is a career DOJ attorney who has served under Republican and Democrat administrations. He was President Barack Obama’s appointee as U.S. Attorney for Maryland and was finally confirmed by the Senate in late April to serve as Deputy Attorney General by a vote of 94-6.

Several things have become crystal clear over the past several years. First, facts and evidence simply do not matter in today’s hyper-partisan environment where the politics of personal destruction have become the preferred modus operandi in dealing with one’s adversaries. Second, the rule of law — once a bedrock feature of our republic — seems to have vanished from our federal courts and even our federal law enforcement agencies. Finally, the Democrat Party has wandered so far to the extreme left as to be unrecognizable. Presidents Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy probably couldn’t get nominated by this party for any high office. And that’s a shame.

Charles Cole


By |May 12th, 2017|

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