Letter: Dirt, dust, mud blights city’s streets, sidewalks

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Dirt, dust, mud blights city’s streets, sidewalks

Sheridan is the filthiest city in Wyoming.

I thought when we got a new mayor, he would do something about the filth in Sheridan. If you become mayor for the first time, it seems that you would want to be proud of your city.

The city street department and the sidewalk and park department: they do nothing to clean this city up. Matter of fact, there is a reason for most of the filth. The street department goes around filling in cracks with 80 percent dirt and 20 percent gravel. Then all you have is dirt and dust blowing all over. You can’t even drive down Coffeen Street without dust blowing 10 feet in the air. And we people of Sheridan have to breathe that air.

The sidewalks are so dirty along Coffeen, if there is a little frost, it’s like walking in mud. Stop and look around where J.B.’s was. The whole side of the street to Sheridan Avenue and beyond. The city street and sidewalk department supervisors are responsible for this mess. We, the taxpayers of Sheridan, should not have to live this way. Why should we pay them to do nothing? Maybe it’s time to get someone in the departments that will do the job.

We have the people to do the jobs and do them the right way. But as it is, we do not have the supervision or the people in charge that care.

Did I or we waste our votes?

Larry Kramer



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