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‘Trump care’ will  imperil citizens

Re: GOP rolls back ACA

Health care is a big deal.

Republicans are taking us back to even worse conditions than before the ACA. Under Trump care, you can now have insurance policies that do not pay for emergency room care, maternity care or mental health care.

Drugs don’t have to be covered, either.

On top of that, the congressional Republicans have decided to exempt themselves from these changes they are making for their constituents. This bill doesn’t roll back cost. It raises premiums for anyone with diabetes, breast cancer, age over 50 or asthma. Wow. Is it time to do what the Democrats want us to do and fix ACA by allowing people to join Medicare. Oh by the way, this bill will imperil Medicare which the ACA helped fix.

States will be given block grants (will Wyoming take it?) for Medicaid at a reduced rate. This bill was passed without readout from the CBO (Congressional Budget Office). Oh, you get insurance from your employer? Yup, they can also give you insurance that doesn’t cover any emergency room care, drugs, maternity or mental health.

Trump care is soon to be the care of the U.S. Good luck all. 

Patty Richardson


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