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“It’s important to be realistic about what Sheridan is and what it offers,” Buckley said. “We want a very clear understanding from the community at large about what they would like to see STT provide for them.”

It also remains to be seen if and how allocation of STT’s grant funds will change under Buckley’s leadership. The organization maintains an annual matching grant fund of $25,000 and an annual sporting events grant fund of $30,000 that it uses to subsidize initiatives that promote tourism in Sheridan.

Buckley said responsible spending of STT’s grant dollars will be a priority under his leadership and that the organization will continue to asses ways in which Sheridan can be marketed to audiences throughout the country.

While it’s still too early in his tenure to say exactly how that goal might best be accomplished, Buckley said it’s important that the area’s natural attractions be more heavily highlighted in order to better appeal to outdoor recreation enthusiasts.

In order to accomplish that task, existing marketing efforts are set to go under the microscope.

“Print advertising (and) billboard advertising is getting a thorough analysis right now,” Buckley said. “A lot of our initial energy and strategy is going to be implemented in electronic format.”

Future changes to STT’s marketing strategy – whether they’re implemented next week or next year – may well change accordingly.

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