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The Sheridan Senior Center Family Caregiver Services Loan Closet is open Monday through Friday between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.  Did you ever wonder what’s available in the Loan Closet? Do you know someone who can benefit from the Loan Closet? Well, the Loan Closet is available to anyone including your husband or wife, father or mother, uncle or aunt, son or daughter, and oh, yes, even yourself.

Here is a list of the some of the items that are available in the Loan Closet:

Canes, crutches, walker, wheelchair, bed side commode, toilet riser, bathtub stool, sliding shower bench, hospital bed, plus supplies including incontinence supplies.

The Loan Closet asks for a suggested $10 donation for each item we loan. There is no time limit on how long you can keep the items. But we do ask you return them when you are no longer in need of the loaned items. There are always others who may be on a waiting list for high-demand items. If you need a hospital bed or lift chairs then the suggested donation is $25. Sometimes one-of-kind items can be purchased at a reduced donation price. All the moneys received go to support the Senior Center’s Family Caregiver Services.

As most visitors who frequent the Senior Center know, there’s been a lot of construction happening with detours throughout the building. This means that the Loan Closet has to store some items off site in different storage areas. We strive to keep the most requested items in the Loan Closet but sometimes we need time go pick items up from our storage sites. Whenever it is possible, the needed item can be available by the next day.

For questions concerning the Loan Closet, please stop by the Senior Center and ask for someone from the Family Caregiver Services or call 307-672-2240.

I have been asked why I volunteer at the Senior Center, Family Caregivers’ Loan Closet. Well, I began volunteering at the Senior Center’s Green Boomerang Thrift Shop about two years ago. I had never worked in retail businesses before but always loved shopping in thrift stores and going to yard and garage sales.

Each Monday, the GB volunteers would have lunch at the Senior Center. That’s when I noticed that there were people coming and going out of the Senior Center with walkers, wheelchairs, toilet seats and shower benches. A thought occurred to me that maybe, I could be an asset to the center’s Loan Closet. I did have experience with inventory management.

I joined the Air Force near the end of the Vietnam War becoming an inventory management specialist or supply clerk. I was responsible for managing inventories from uniforms/winter gear for the men and women, office supplies/equipment and even gravel to concrete materials for runways, sidewalks and parks. After my career in the Air Force, I returned to school and received a degree in business management/marketing. When my husband and I moved to Sheridan about 35 years ago I worked for the State of Wyoming, recently retiring as a claims analyst.

Volunteering has always been a part of who I am in life, so the short and long answer to why I volunteer is: love God, family and service to my community.

I feel privileged to be part of the Volunteer Force at the Senior Center while lending my expertise to the Loan Closet program. The Senior Center staff need to be commended for their work and dedication to the Sheridan Community.

Lois Hartse is a veteran and a volunteer for the at the Sheridan Senior Center. Center Stage is written by friends of the Senior Center for the Sheridan Community. It is a collection of insights and stories related to living well at every age.

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