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DAYTON — Dayton Town Council scheduled a work session for April 27 at 7 p.m. with the town’s attorney to discuss and review the changes to liquor license regulations adopted by the Wyoming Legislature.

Local changes need to be made by July 1. The attorney will join the work session because he has studied the state changes and helped write the updates for the city of Sheridan.

The ordinances will change to reflect local control of liquor license laws. If municipalities don’t update their own laws, then rules will reflect state statues, in which basically anything goes, Town Clerk Linda Lofgren said.

“Every change the state made included a stipulation that the laws are stated as such, unless local control deems otherwise,” Lofgren said. “For example, one of the changes says establishments may be open 24-hours a day, seven days a week, unless local control deems otherwise.”

Mayor Norm Anderson said the councilors will make changes to the hours and the dispensing rooms in bars. Dispensing rooms used to be defined as a specific area of the establishment, now it encompasses the entire building.

He said he doesn’t believe any changes are required for restaurants because their dispensing room is still defined.

Kristin Magnusson | The Sheridan Press
Dayton Town Councilors will make changes to ordinances pertaining to the hours and the dispensing rooms in bars at their work study April 27.

Anderson said he doesn’t have any concerns about any of the changes because he has looked at the city of Sheridan’s and Sheridan County’s updates and doesn’t have any issues with them. Concerns may arise when the liquor license owners come to the table, but he hasn’t heard any reactions yet.

Lofgren said if the councilors don’t have many changes to make, the first reading could be scheduled for the council meeting May 8. If there are several changes to be made they can push the first reading back to the second meeting in May.

Anderson told Sheriff Dave Hofmeier that Dayton’s hours will remain the same as they have been, matching those of the city of Sheridan and the rest of Sheridan County.

Hofmeier said law enforcement officials recommended the county and municipalities be on the same page so it is easier for law enforcement to enforce the rules.

In addition, the Dayton Town Council:

• approved a 24-hour beer permit for the Gallery on Main for May 5 for a guest chef night, which will be a fundraiser for the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America trip to nationals.

• appointed Councilor Laurie Walters-Clark as alternate voting delegate to the Wyoming Association of Municipalities convention.

• will add Gina Donnor’s request to have a portion of Third Street closed off on June 24 for a street art festival for Gallery on Main to the May 8 town council meeting agenda.

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