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RANCHESTER — The Ranchester Town Council granted a special permit for gymnastics instructor Carrie Raymond to purchase and develop Lot 21 of the Five Mile Subdivision.
On Tuesday, Raymond shared details of her progress to date. She said she has established a limited liability company for the business, calling it Tongue River Twisters Gymnastics and Activity Center.
She has decided to work toward purchasing Lot 21 rather than all three lots at this time, and plans to connect to the city sewer line by the middle school rather than constructing a leach field.
Raymond has hired a contractor to coordinate with town engineer Chris Johnson and help her handle the permissions, licenses and easements.
As for the building, Raymond said she has bids coming in this week.

She has received verbal confirmation from the Wyoming Department of Transportation that she will be able to file a permit for access to the property as soon as she owns it. The access must be 75 feet from the neighbor’s driveway.

The parking lot for the facility will be paved initially for 11 spaces. Raymond hopes for project completion by early to mid-summer.

Raymond has 40 years of experience in the gymnastics industry as a student and a coach. She is a U.S. Gymnastics Association member with safety certification through USGA and is a certified developmental teacher.

She plans to use the center not only for the community, but also for Sheridan County as a whole to give kids another option for activities. She plans to offer yearlong classes, camps during the summer, preschool classes, Mommy and Me classes, tumbling for cheerleaders and, eventually, adult classes. The classes will work on flexibility, conditioning and balance. She said she would like to offer scholarships so everyone can participate.

In addition, she plans to open the center to the Tongue River Valley Community Center for their programs and to the schools for cheerleading practices because she will have a spring floor and mats.

In other business, Johnson presented a proposal for a sidewalk construction and repair project for six sidewalks in town. The proposal cost estimate is $46,220. Councilors granted permission to move forward getting a permit with the Wyoming Department of Transportation while they review the Capital Facilities Tax portion of the budget for feasibility.

In new business, council heard a request from Deputy Clerk Kathie Stevens to transition the portion of the town’s beautification budget, between $600 and $1,100 each spring dedicated to purchasing flowers for pots along the main street of town, to the greenhouse project at Tongue River Elementary School. The students could grow the flowers as part of their school curriculum, rather than the town purchasing them in Sheridan, Stevens said.

The town could provide funding for the materials such as starter pots, potting soil and seeds in exchange for services provided by the students as they plant seeds and care for and transplant the plants into the pots displayed around town. Councilors requested a budget to review before accepting a contract for services.

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