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SHERIDAN — A house fire at 1076 Adam Street Thursday has been ruled accidental by Sheridan Fire-Rescue.

While firefighters have determined that the blaze originated in the living room of the single story trailer home, the exact cause of the fire is still unknown.

During an investigation into the incident Thursday afternoon, however, crews discovered evidence of an electrical failure in the vicinity of the fire’s origin.

Although the home was largely destroyed, no one was injured as a result of the fire. The building’s owner, Joyce Zak, was not home at the time.

Firefighters were called to the scene at about 10:30 a.m. Thursday by a neighbor who noticed flames emanating from the front end of the home at the corner of Adam and Dunnuck Streets.

Although one man attempted to enter the structure before fire crews arrived in order to check for people inside, he said the doorknob was too hot to touch and he was unable to gain access.

His family was later told to move across the street.

Firefighters arrived to find the eastern, street facing side of the building engulfed in fire and smoke.

After determining that the structure was uninhabited, crews began working to contain the fire while simultaneously attempting to protect neighboring buildings.

They were forced to break the windows of an adjacent home in order to prevent it from catching fire. Although it didn’t ignite, that building sustained visible heat damage.

Initial suppression efforts were hampered by the collapse of an awning that blocked access to the exterior doors.

But after extinguishing a series of larger flames, crews were able to enter the home and work their way toward the back of the structure while remaining cautious not to become trapped in the event of a total collapse.

In all, 15 Sheridan Fire-Rescue firefighters and 12 Goose Valley Volunteer Fire Department firefighters responded to the call.

They were assisted by Sheridan police officers and a Rocky Mountain Ambulance crew that provided recuperative assistance to firefighters as they exited the burning building.

Firefighters remained on scene through the afternoon investigating the fire and working to prevent additional flare-ups.

Sheridan firefighter Chad Brutlag said trailer homes, by nature of their construction materials, tend to ignite quickly and are more susceptible to fire damage than many other types of structures.

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