County Commissioners approve East Ridge Quarry, Airport master plan

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SHERIDAN – Sheridan County Commissioners approved a 20-year quarry permit for a 10-acre quarry located off East Ridge Road at their regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday. Big Horn Land and Leasing will excavate, grade, stockpile and haul topsoil and construction fill material from the site for use in its own construction projects. Crushing is not proposed.

According to owner Jason Spielman, approximately 50,000 yards of excess material will be removed and used as needed.

Spielman approached the county commissioners Tuesday to discuss the terms of the quarry permit, which included sharing the cost of dust suppression on East Ridge Road at a cost not to exceed $2,259 per year. Spielman said since the quarry will operate on an as-needed basis, he thought the cost share was too high to make his business economically viable. Over the 20 years of the permit, Spielman would have to pay more than $45,000 for dust suppression.

Commissioner Mike Nickel proposed approving the permit with plans to negotiate the cost of dust suppression on an ongoing basis – perhaps by tracking the number of haul loads taken out of East Ridge Quarry along East Ridge Road.

In other business, county commissioners approved vacating several alleys and roads in Parkman that are no longer used by the public in response to a petition from adjacent landowners with the condition that one alley will remain as a private road for use by landowners but not the public. Landowners will be issued quick claim deeds to the alley to maintain use by private garbage and propane trucks.

County Commissioners also approved a Federal Aviation Administration grant for $373,291 to help fund the Airport Master Plan and an agreement with Mead & Hunt to begin conducting the master plan.

For additional details, see Wednesday’s edition of The Sheridan Press.

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