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This week has been very exciting for a number of reasons. 

First, spring is so close I swear I can taste it (or maybe it’s all that Easter candy that smells of sugar and bad habits?)

In addition, the group of women that I hike with picked the days for our third annual backpacking trip in the Bighorn Mountains. Finding any time that the four of us can gather in one place is always a challenge, let alone five days during the busy summer months. But, we did it. 

We’ll trek through the Bighorns once again, taking some time to check out Bomber Mountain along the way.

Recently, one of the reporters here at The Press, Hannah Sheely, interviewed one of my hiking pals for an article about the camaraderie of adventure. Her sharing of tales of laughter, tears and time spent playing hilarious games along the trails — for example, which character from “Friends” each of us would be — only got our excitement levels raised.

While the hike will likely be a challenge — we all have some training to do — it also promises memories to hold onto during those cold winter months spent indoors. 

Be sure to check out Sheely’s article; it will be published in the spring/summer edition of Destination Sheridan, which will be released in mid-May and chock-full of stories of adventure in our region of the world.

Beyond the excitement of plans to come — like that isn’t enough — my beloved Northwestern Wildcats made it to their first NCAA men’s basketball tournament. That’s right, in the program’s nearly 80-year history, they hadn’t yet made it to the big dance. This year, they did. 

Not only did the team make it, the Wildcats won their first game in the tournament. Nevermind that the nail-biter of a victory came as the result of a mistake by a Vanderbilt athlete who fouled a Wildcat with just seconds left to play. The flood of support for Northwestern’s team on social media, television and online news reports has warmed my heart. 

Did you know that Julia Louis Dreyfus’ son plays for Northwestern? How can we lose with Seinfeld’s Elaine behind us. The next matchup will certainly be tough — Gonzaga. No matter the outcome, though, it’s fun to watch the team celebrate post-season success.

The memories come flooding back from the NU softball team’s two trips to the Women’s College World Series. 

The whole thing makes me miss sports, miss college and, especially, miss coaching. Someday, perhaps when graduate school ends, I’ll get back into it.

In the meantime, “Go ‘Cats!”

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