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Re: Non-renewal of principal’s contract

SCSD3’s decision to not renew Christie Wright’s contract (March 16, 2017) is a failure to check our superintendent’s authority and weigh in the balance the support of the community. 

“Personnel issues” does not satisfy me in answering why a dynamic and dedicated leader was removed from my school’s administration. Even in the presence of necessary correction, it is the duty of leadership to mentor a person who has consistently demonstrated her high character and professional caliber — not to remove them. Mrs. Wright invested in our school with great effort, she deserved more positive support as she grew in her ability to fulfill her duties.

In an attempt to minimize the voices of the supportive body of parents, staff and students who showed up to speak against the superintendent’s recommendation, our school board stated that “there is more to being a principal than just being good with kids.” 

Obviously our principal wasn’t simply building balloon animals at birthday parties. Her demonstration of “good with kids” meant advocating for their best possible individual outcomes by working closely with parents and staff for their educational and emotional well-beings. She did this by speaking up for them and by being there for them. Her presence in our halls and classrooms was constant. It made our school safe, consistent and vibrant. 

SCSD3’s “more than… just being good with kids” comment directly dismisses the importance of “the kids” and reveals priorities resting in small town politics, ego and misguidance. Arvada-Clearmont seems to always be teetering on the precipice of complete irrelevance to the Wyoming public education system — even while Wyoming builds an image on its rural roots.

This act has undermined the stability of our school district and is not only an affront to innovative leadership in our school, but wildly irresponsible for our community at large.


Misty Stoll


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