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Sheridan County Commission

Regular Session Board Meeting

9 a.m. Tuesday

Sheridan County Courthouse Addition

Second Floor Boardroom, 220

• Call to order and pledge

• Consent agenda

A. Minutes from staff meeting, March 6, 2017

B. Minutes from regular session, March 7, 2017

C. Minutes from staff meeting, March 13, 2017

D. Ratify Sheridan County master license agreement M17-01 and license agreement 1701LA with landowner, Chris George, to cross County Road 1251, Landon Lane, installation of water service line, no fee.

E. Ratify 24-hour catering permit for Wyarno Roadhouse, LLC for a dance at the Community Center at Wyarno, 1041 Wyarno Road, Wyarno, WY on March 17, 2017.

F. Ratify letter of support for the Sheridan County Conservation District.

G. Ratify property transfer agreement to obtain donation of used poly pipe from Spring Creek Coal, LLC for use at three poles.

• Consider agenda

• Announcements

• Public comments on matters not on the agenda.

• Consider EV-17-001: Garber Agri-business Vacation.

• Consider LAGE-17-001: Czyzynski — large acreage grant of exemption.

• Consider Amendment #1 to MOU with Wyoming Department of Health, Public Health Division for Maternal and Child Health Services.

• Consider Acceptance of FY2015-16 audit.


Sheridan County Commission

Special Session Meeting

9 a.m. Wednesday

Sheridan County Courthouse Addition

Second Floor Commission Library, 216

• Call to order

• Discussion with the County Attorney concerning the Department of Health Letter and the Wyoming Statutes regarding Title 25 Gatekeepers.

• Adjourn


Sheridan County Commission

Regular Session Staff Meeting

9 a.m. Monday

Sheridan County Courthouse Addition

Second Floor Commission Library, 216

• Call to order

• Staff/Elected reports

• Adjourn


Sheridan County School District 2

Annual Board Retreat

8:30 a.m. Saturday

The Ranch at Ucross

• Open session

A. Computer science pilot report — Mitch Craft, Mark Thoney, Shirley Coulter, Jeff Mowry, Megan Garnhart (60 min). Break (15 min)

B. Statewide PLC efforts — Craig Dougherty (30 min).

1. Principals’ Academy — Scott Stults, Paige Sanders, Brett Dahl (45 min.)

2. PLC online courses, contract with Casey Reason — Paige Sanders (action) (15 min.)

C. 2017-2018 AdvancEd board goals — Craig Dougherty (30 min). Lunch (60 min)

D. 2017-2018 board meeting schedule — Craig Dougherty (5 min)

E. Legislative update — Mitch Craft, Roxie Taft, Scott Stults (40 min). Break (10 min).

• Executive session

A. Personal matters, W.S. 16-4-405 (a)(ii)

B. To consider or receive information under W.S. 16-4-405 (a)(x)


Tongue River Valley Joint

Powers Board

General Meeting

7 p.m. Thursday

Lucille Alley Room, Dayton Town Hall

• Call to order

• Approval of minutes of February 23, 2017 meeting

• Approval of agenda

• Old business

A. Pay bills

B. USDA-RD loan discussion

• New business

A. none

• Public communique

• Adjournment


Town of Clearmont

Clearmont Town Council

6:15 p.m. Monday

Clearmont Town Hall

• Call meeting to order

• Pledge

• Attendance

• Visitors

A. Jay Licocki, EnTech, Inc.

• Approval of minutes

A. February 20, 2017 regular meeting

• Report of treasure and approval of bills

A. February 2017 bills

• Reports of mayor, council, clerk and maintenance

A. Mayor

1. Budget

2. Community hero award

3. WAM Convention scholarships

4. 2017 National Service Proclamation

B. Council

C. Clerk

1. Basic clerk and HR training in Evansville, March 23-24.

2. Street sweeper and garbage truck

3. Sheridan liquor law changes meeting

4. John’s pay percentages

D. Maintenance

• Unfinished business

A. Bald Mountain Sanitation contract

B. Crack and chip seal contract

C. Insurance policy

• New business

A. Appoint Mayor Schock as official voting delegate and Krysti Dycus as the alternate for 2017 WAM Convention.

B. Approval to secure deposits with a letter of credit.

• Old business

A. Railroad quiet zone, WYDOT contract

• Next meeting

A. April 17, 2017 regular meeting

• Adjournment


Town of Ranchester

Regular Council Meeting

6:30 p.m. Tuesday

Ranchester Town Hall

• Call to order and roll call

• Pledge of allegiance

• Approve and sign minutes from last regular council meeting held March 7, 2017

• Approval of current agenda

• Old business

A. Third reading of Ordinance 9-5-140 keeping of livestock is restricted within the Town of Ranchester.

• Mayor’s report

• New business

A. Establish additional bank accounts

• Report on projects

• Special committee reports

• Approval of bills

• Adjournment

• Future meetings: NFIP workshop March 21 at 5:30 p.m.

• Future event: yard sale May 13.

• Future town council meetings – April 4, April 18, May 9

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