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Pastry kindness through stranger

Wednesday morning, I came out of a store on Main Street to find that someone’s car was parked into mine, damaging the bumper. As I waited to see if the owner would come around, I briefly visited with a lady about what happened. She then went into Red Velvet Bakery.

A few minutes later, this same kind lady came out of the bakery and handed me a muffin. I thanked her but never got her name. What makes this encounter all the more special is that a couple of hours later I went up to my son’s school to have lunch with him and brought in the muffin to share with him. To our pleasant surprise, it was a carrot cake muffin, a favorite of his and my late husband’s. I smiled and mindfully enjoyed my half of that delicious muffin.

To you that I type this note, thank you for your act of kindness.

Cameo Galloway


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