‘Only in Sheridan,’ man loses wallet, has it returned

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Have you ever had one of those gut-wrenching moments of losing something valuable and looking all over for it until it is found?

Such was the case Monday. I had shopped at our local Wal-Mart, paid for my items at the pharmacy and left. At my next stop upon reaching for my wallet, I discovered it was gone. I checked pockets, jackets, my truck with no luck. With credit cards, cash, driver’s license and other items at stake, I hurried back to the place of my last purchase, the Wal-Mart pharmacy.

Upon checking with the associate, no luck. I was advised to check the customer service desk. Doing so, I asked them if someone had found and turned a wallet into them. They asked my name and a description of the wallet. To my surprise, they brought my wallet out of a secure room. I asked who had turned it in. No name given, but a lady had found it in the parking lot.

Nothing was missing!

I said a prayer of thanks to God for helping on this matter by working through other people. I would also like to thank the Wal-Mart associates and the pharmacy and service desk for their help, but my biggest sincere thank you goes to the lady who found it and turned it in.

May you be blessed abundantly.

As the associates at the service desk told me, “only in Sheridan would this happen.”

I believe this is a true characterization of our town and its people and my faith in humanity and honesty have been restored. Thanks again to all for a bright outcome on this situation.

Jay Manthei



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