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Re: Ramaco’s proposed mine

In less than a month, Sheridan area residents have read Sheridan Press reports of a new coal company coming to town with reports of mining anywhere from a truckload of coal to eight million tons.  The reports have employees being hired from 10 to 3,000. What company is really coming to Sheridan?  Will it mine coal or produce carbon fiber?  Who is really moving to the neighborhood, and who will actually be responsible if the operation folds?

We, too, are looking for the real answers but to date, have had no response. The landowners and irrigators in the valley of the Tongue River were denied a public hearing by the DEQ and there has been no accessibility to get information from the company, a violation of due process rights.  All the landowners want are answers to concerns over air and water quality, answers to whose tax dollars will repair the state and county highways and roads caused by the heavy hauling from the Brook Mine, bonding and reclamation concerns, answers to what new business is really moving into this community, and the list goes on. 

This community has a great history of coal mining as grandparents, parents, and some landowners have been miners. We are not against coal, new jobs or new companies in our community and valley. We would, however, appreciate some honesty along with good neighbors. 

We encourage new business, but would ask Sheridan County to approach this with cautious optimism until the real company steps forward and provides real answers.

Anton Bocek and Joan Tellez



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