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It’s the end of training, but not the end of the journey.

Eight weeks has flown by and we have finished up our last sessions at the gym. I will miss training Kristen twice a week even if it was before the sun rose. Sixteen sessions with two trainers over eight weeks. Where did it get us?

Kristen is going strong, she started a couch to 5K program in addition to her training and is loving it. It allows her the freedom to workout with or without a trainer and inside or out of the gym. I believe any program has to be versatile to fit into our busy daily lives and the choices this program allows her are working well.

Kristen has gotten stronger and fitter. Her weights and intensity are going up on everything and she is able to handle much harder workouts now. This last week was a great example. It was the first time she wasn’t battling travel fatigue or sickness and it showed with plenty of hard work and energy expended. I am confident that if she continues working on her consistency and making time for her exercise she will get to her goals of a healthier body and being able to enjoy running again.

Sometimes I meet clients who just need a “leg up.” They want a trainer for a short time to get them going and give them some knowledge to improve their health.

Kristen has said several times that this experiment wasn’t about weight loss. She was hoping to get the kick start she needed to begin a regular exercise program. She knows that she has to do the work to achieve better health and not just focus on the end of the journey.

I am happy to see she has already begun to make big changes in her life to establish better habits, and with that will come the weight loss.

I look forward to seeing her at the local 5Ks over the next several months and being a part of her continued success.

One of my favorite parts of owning a gym is the people every day that are a constant in my life. I know their life schedules and their pre-workout rituals, their injury history and whether they prefer doughnuts, tacos or wine for a reward. It’s great to witness people striving for better every day within themselves. It’s wonderful knowing my customers and being a part of their lives. We all go through good times and bad times and we all have our own story to tell.

I hope this series of articles has given you the boost to become your own healthier version of you. It’s never too late to improve your health.

By focusing on changes you can live with and stick to today, you may be amazed to see the changes that can happen by summer!


Caryn Moxey |


Editor’s note: This is the last column in a series of articles written by Sheridan Press editor Kristen Czaban and PURENERGY owner Caryn Moxey. The columns followed an eight-week journey of Czaban working with personal trainer Moxey to help form healthy habits.

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