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Local airline service costly

I was thankful to have an airline service return to Sheridan. I have used this service and hope to in the future.

I was dismayed to find that it is no longer the affordable, competitive air service we were promised. Here is a real-time example. My uncle passed away yesterday and I wanted to attend the funeral this week, leaving on Thursday. It would cost $460 round-trip and with taxes and charges, over $500. My husband went to the airport to ask about it and overheard the pilot asking how many were flying today. The reply was four.

I went online and found a flight for $200 round trip if I fly out of Gillette. I know Gillette’s airport is subsidized, but I ask you, if you cannot fill the airplane by offering a lower cost, is this service sustainable?

I plan to drive or fly out of Gillette, unfortunately, because I just cannot swallow paying $500. I’d like to support flysheridan, but I don’t see how that is possible with these kinds of cost.

Jana Clements, Sheridan 


Democratic society requires investigative journalism

Re: Cole letter, Press, Mar. 1

Charles Cole’s quote of Michael Kinsley, “Denying people information they would find useful because you think they shouldn’t find it useful is censorship, not journalism” is an extraordinary misuse of a quote.

This quote was referencing Ted Kennedy/Chappaquiddick and whether a politician’s sex life is politically relevant news. Then you bemoan fake news and the lack of the media to focus on actual news events. Do you find the news media’s efforts to uncover what facts President Donald Trump’s income tax returns are hiding and what relationships this administration has with Vladimir Putin as less important than Muslims in Sweden? Yes, as you say, “how are free people to make rational, educated decisions on issues such as national security if the information presented to them about important events is slanted and biased or, even worse, withheld from them altogether?”

A democratic society requires investigative journalism even if contrary to one’s paradigm.

Kathleen Ahrens, Sheridan 


Protestors don’t want ‘free ride to get away’

Re: Barrasso meeting, Press coverage

I was disappointed in the Sheridan Press about the picture of someone showing disrespect to the flag. It is an insult to the millions who have served under that flag, many who lost their lives or were wounded. Not to mention those who served and returned home to work and support themselves and their family and live the American dream in a country that provides more to their people than any place on earth.

I think most of the local protestors are like most of the rest of the protestors that are trying to get their hand in the taxpayers’ pocket, or already have it in there and do not want the free ride to get away.

Carleton F. Perry, Sheridan


‘Real Wyoming people’ honor country’s flag

Re: Barrasso meeting, Press photo

I have lived in Wyoming for 85 years.

The real Wyoming people that I always knew had no trouble expressing their opinions at meetings or at the ballot box, but they all loved their country and honored its flag.

The last thing I would have expected was to see a front-page Press picture of the supposedly local people disrespecting the flag.

Who do these people think they are saving the environment for if they don’t have a country?

When I think of all the brave, young men and women who gave their lives to keep that flag flying upright and proud, it makes me very sad.

Nancy Moses, Sheridan

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