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Come April 28, the fifth annual FAB (For. About. By.) Women’s Conference will be held at Sheridan College. It’s presented by The Sheridan Press and Sheridan College. Co-sponsors to date include Edward Jones, First Interstate Bank, Hammer Chevrolet. 

The one-day empowerment and enlightenment conference includes the Sheridan Woman of the Year banquet. Previous honorees include: Erin Kilbride, Ada Kirven, Carmen Rideout, Michelle Edwards.

This year’s keynote speaker and session leader is Shelli Johnson of Lander. She’s a life coach and motivational speaker with a national clientele. There are multi-track sessions for both professional and personal enrichment.

To know more, call the Press’ managing editor, Kristen Czaban, 672-2431; or, thesheridanpress.com/fab.




Susan and I took a short break from the goings on hereabouts visited her brother and his spouse, Dan and Chris Bradley of Katy, Texas, near Houston. Both are retired petroleum engineers with long and distinguished careers. They frequently traveled abroad on business and leisure with peers and family. (He was a Sheridan High School graduate, class of 1976.) A few asides:

• We enjoyed “Chamber of Commerce” weather — particularly for Houston — warm, sunny, just the right amount of breeze and humidity. Houston was built in on Buffalo Bayou (think swamp) and was in its beginning a shipping port that dates to 1836. It’s adjacent to the second-largest petrochemical area in the world. In the summer, they return to Sheridan for a week or so, getting out of terrible heat and humidity. As the saying goes, a couple of land speculators founded the place, named it after Texas revolution hero Sam Houston, but “Willis Carrier conquered it.” (Carrier is credited with inventing air conditioning.)

• Some 23 companies on Fortune magazine’s top 500 list call Houston home as well as 3,000 energy-related firms. It’s the fifth-largest metro area in the U.S. with more than 6.5 million people living there. And with it, comes almost incomprehensible traffic. It’s always rush hour. Traffic forecasts are paramount. The noontime grind on Coffeen seems quaint. Every intersection seemingly has a mattress store, a fast food place and a nail salon.

• We flew out of Sheridan via Denver Air Connection. On time. Clean aircraft. Friendly people on board and at the gate. Plenty of snacks.

• Unleaded fuel there sells for $1.81 a gallon.

• One night we enjoyed the music of Gordon Sumner, aka Sting. At 65, he’s still getting it done. An evening of new music, his hits; your money’s worth as a concert. The next night, we enjoyed country singer Junior Brown. His deep voice and twangy guitar appreciated by a capacity crowd in a neighborhood saloon. We chatted a little bit afterward. I told him about how I had seen him years ago at the Soiled Dove in Denver and he recalled the aptly (good) named honky-tonk.




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