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Sheridan residents are ready for a change in weather. Most of us find something about cold weather and snowy conditions we like, whether it’s flying across open meadows on a snowmobile, bombing downhill on a pair of skis, or enjoying the serenity of a quiet snowshoe pursuit. 

Putting up with those conditions comes with the territory of living in Wyoming. Winter sports are nearing the end of their respective seasons and there seems to be excitement around town as spring sport sign-ups begin, the snow piles start to recede and spending time outside begins to become more enjoyable and less of a chore.

Here at the Sheridan Recreation District we are looking forward to baseball and softball starting up. Registration for Webb Wright baseball, little sluggers and youth softball will begin in April. Wednesday nights there is also a kayaking course being offered. It is instructed by Chris Maze, is available to beginners and teaches the fundamentals necessary to make the transition to rivers and open water.

Along with the growing excitement for spring sports the change in weather will make outdoor recreation an easier weekly accomplishment. Personally, I am ready to put the cross-country skis and snowshoes away for the season and hit the trails more religiously. This is the year I am jumping into trail running and racing and our epic winter has not been a great asset to my training motivation.

I am not the biggest fan of attempting to run on snow packed trails; some more hardcore runners say they enjoy those runs. I am definitely not on that level. The majority of my running has been in town this winter and I finally hit my limit of pavement and ice and journeyed out to the dirt roads this past weekend.

Though there was still some snow, a good amount of mud and a temperature that made my decision between wearing shorts or sweatpants a challenge, hitting the dirt roads was a very refreshing change from normal training in town. The view of the Bighorns as I ran down Sheridan County Road 77 made the mud splattering the back of my shorts and shirt worth it. It was an early taste of those spring and summer trails we all cherish so much.

Though winter in Sheridan is a beautiful season I am ready for some beautiful spring days. Break out your baseball mitt, fill up your bicycle tires, lace up your sneakers and get out your front door; spring is waiting.

Until next time, see you on the pathways.


Seth Ulvestad is the recreation program supervisor for the Sheridan Recreation District.


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