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The so-called mainstream national news media believe that President Donald Trump has misstated and exaggerated the societal disruption in Sweden and, by extension, in other parts of Europe.

However, Fox News reported that in a Feb. 22 op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal, two leaders of Sweden’s Democrats — Jimmie Akesson and Mattias Karlsson — wrote the following about Trump’s characterization of a Muslim immigrant-led crime crisis in Sweden: “Mr. Trump did not exaggerate Sweden’s current problems. If anything, he understated them.”

Despite the denials of some “progressive” Swedish politicians and the mocking ridicule of many in the American news media, recent riots in a heavily immigrant suburb of Stockholm have provided corroboration of Trump’s position.

While the recent riots seem to have surprised many in the American media, Akesson and Karlsson wrote in their op-ed that “Riots and social unrest have become a part of everyday life …. gang violence is booming and, despite very strict firearms laws, gun violence is five times as common in Sweden as in the capital cities of our three Nordic neighbors combined.”

So, what has all this to do with us here in America?

Here’s how these two Swedish officials put it: “For the sake of the American people … we can only hope that the leaders in Washington won’t make the same mistakes that our socialist and liberal politicians did.”

Ignoring this sound advice, leaders of the Democratic Party in Congress, their judicial activists on the federal bench and the many street protesters and agitators carrying signs continue to decry President Trump’s immigration actions as racist, xenophobic and Islamophobic.

For all the bloviating over “fake news” in this country, one wishes that the national news media would shift gears and focus on providing comprehensive coverage of actual news events. This was what the Framers of the U.S. Constitution envisioned the media’s primary role to be as they crafted the First Amendment. After all, how is a free people to make rational, educated decisions on issues such as national security if the information presented to them about important events is slanted and biased or, even worse, withheld from them altogether?

Political journalist Michael Kinsley, hardly a conservative apologist, puts it this way: “Denying people information they would find useful because you think they shouldn’t find it useful is censorship, not journalism.”

It’s time for that to stop!

Charles Cole



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