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Re: Chamber meeting, Feb. 22

I found it a bit vexing that Dennis Wagner (letter, Press, Feb. 25) complained about protesters interrupting Sen. John Barrasso’s meeting with the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce in Big Horn Wednesday. Since when did the Chamber of Commerce have exclusive right to our senator? 

Sen. Barrasso did not schedule a town meeting and seemingly tried to avoid hearing any complaints or concerns.  Sen. Barrasso is supposed to be representing all the citizens of Wyoming and should listen to dissent as well as approvals of his work in Washington.  It is time that our senators and representative listen to all the folks of Wyoming and not just the Republican Party yes people. 

Sen. Barrasso’s votes for EPA director, Scott Pruett, and Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, make me think he is more inclined to toe the party line than hear any concerns from “alternate” Wyoming citizens.


Bob Krumm



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