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BH protest disrespectful

Re: Sen Barrasso’s town hall

It was very disappointing to see the front page of Thursday’s Sheridan Press depicting a group protesting, what?

What do you object about Obamacare? About the environment? About education?

President Donald Trump has done more positive things in 30 days than the previous administration did in eight years. Don’t take me wrong, I am not against the First Amendment’s right to free speech, but I would expect a valid reason to be given. The Democratic group, Real Resistance, started objecting before Trump was even inaugurated only because they were instructed to.

I am a Vietnam veteran and am lucky to not be one of those 58,000-plus whose names are engraved on the Wall in Washington, D.C.

It is disgraceful to see a veteran holding the U.S. flag upside down; it’s a sign of cowardly disrespect for those who have died protecting our freedom.

Bruce Yates


By |February 25th, 2017|

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