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Barrasso town hall marred by protest

Re: BH Chamber meeting

What a shame it is that a few people feel they have the right to hijack a meeting.

The Chamber coffees are for business folks to network and present information about their company or organization.  They take time away from their businesses to attend these functions.  I enjoy these get-togethers to stay in touch with goings on in our community, even though I’m retired.

Unfortunately, at Wednesday’s meeting, the business folks were not allowed to do that because of a few that thought their topics were more important.  You would think that someone with a doctorate degree would have realized by now that when they pull a stunt like this, especially in Wyoming, that they will be totally ignored.  In fact, people will go out of their way to stifle the group’s agenda.

It would have been more beneficial to have Sen. John Barrasso explain his stance on how he will work to help better the business climate in Wyoming.

I admire the way that Dixie Johnson, Adam Bunker (Chamber leadership) and Sen. Barrasso maintained their decorum.  Maybe the Chamber could schedule another coffee in Big Horn?

Dennis Wagner


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