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Walters clearing snow, prepping West Fifth Street fields

SHERIDAN — Sheridan Recreation District Park Foreman Chuck Walters has been hard at work removing snow and ice around Sheridan this winter. The heavy snowfall has kept Walters and his staff busy clearing pathways and parks in the city, allowing residents to utilize the SRD’s facilities.

When the snow isn’t falling, Walters and his crew have been prepping for spring and making sure the outdoor areas are ready for full-time use when the warm weather arrives for good.

Walters is waiting for snow to melt to continue readying the West Fifth Street fields, which the SRD expects to be ready for use in the fall. Walters will take a class to become a certified irrigation technician, which will help him understand sprinkler and piping systems as the crew works to grow the grass at the new fields.

The fields will be multi-use, including different size soccer and football fields for practice and games. Walters will also begin the process of mapping and striping the fields for various sports once the grass is ready.

“If it’s spring tomorrow, we’d be ready,” Walters said.


Kendrick Pool continues renovations

SHERIDAN — Business Manager Rich Bridger announced that he’s been pricing a new sound system at Kendrick Pool.

As it stands now, the pool staff uses a megaphone to make announcements, and Bridger and the board feel adding a PA system would be more useful and safer. Board President Don Julian noted that a PA system would be a much faster way to relay information to swimmers should the pool need to be cleared for any reason.

Bridger has been working with Star Video Audio to put together the proper system that includes speakers for outdoor use.

Bridger estimated the system at around a $4,000 cost but plans to use a $2,000 donation from a former Sheridan resident to help supplement that cost.

Walters also informed the board that he and his staff have been installing new lockers in the men’s restroom at the pool. The lockers were donated by Sheridan High School during renovation to the locker rooms at the school.


Doubleday Sports Complex moving forward

SHERIDAN — Sheridan Recreation District board President Don Julian, who also sits on the Doubleday Sports Complex committee, gave a brief update on the complex, which he said is moving along as expected.

The Doubleday committee now meets every other week as it hits the final planning stages in the process.

The group has been meeting with the college, which currently houses the softball fields that will eventually be moved to Doubleday to make room for new buildings on campus.

Julian said the committee is still mapping the design for the complex and gathering fundraising material, which it hopes to release to the public in about a month.

He also noted that High Country Construction, Inc., the same group managing the new Main Street interchange, will begin moving and leveling dirt at the Doubleday Complex as soon as the ground thaws. The Doubleday fields will sit near the new interchange just off the highway.

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