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SHERIDAN — Despite construction in the lobby, the Sheridan Senior Center is hosting an art display called “Inspire Your Heart with Art” in the dining room, that will be on display through the month of February. 

Artists with art on display include Carol Berry, Gene Davis, Glenn Mooney, Dean States, Pat Trout, Dianne Wyatt and Charlie Walter. The paintings present different ideas created in different mediums, from oil to pastels and colored pencil. 

In addition, because of ongoing renovation projects at the senior center, there is a temporary wall dividing the construction area and the lobby. This wall is being used as a “graffiti wall” for patrons and the public to paint on. Acrylic paints are available next to the wall. 

Senior Center activities director Jane Perkins said the idea for the graffiti wall began 12 years ago, when the dining room was last remodeled.

A temporary wall was put up then, which patrons doodled on. That served as inspiration for the current graffiti wall in the lobby, only this time there are paints to use instead of markers and pens. The wall is expected to be up until March. 

“I’ve been here 19 years, and it’s time to repaint, make a few changes and keep it exciting,” Perkins said about the construction. 

The current phase of the construction project includes building a new art studio, exercise room, pool room, communications room and a new lobby.

The next phase of the project will be the renovation of the dining room. Perkins said she understands the construction will wrap up by September.

The staff is already enjoying “some new digs” back in the offices. 

“We invite everybody in the whole wide world, no matter what your age, to come in and see the progress, it’s really exciting,” Perkins said. 


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