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Conceal carry should be allowed

Re: UW president, college

presidents’ column, Press, Feb. 9

Here is an opposing opinion to the guest column, “Guns on campus: worth the risk?” The piece contains this statement at the beginning: “we, like all Wyoming citizens have been asked to rely on anecdote, speculation and hypothesis, often highly emotional, as we weigh a decision that may have far reaching impacts on campus safety.”

First of all, not “all” Wyoming citizens rely on anecdote, but instead have access to their own sources that repudiate the hysteria of the anti-gun culture that seems to dominate academia.

The column then goes on to use anecdotal “evidence” to back up their claims using the very same type of example they just got through criticizing.

Get the latest copy of the American Rifleman or the American Hunter magazine, and open either publication to a feature entitled “The Armed Citizen.”

On that page is historically listed at least six cases of gun owners stopping an attack, a car-jacking, a home invasion, a deadly assault or even assisting a law officer in trouble.

Now do the math. Seventy-two cases per year, and in the 30 years I have read the magazine, I’ve probably learned of over 2,000 incidents where victims were extremely grateful or even alive instead of dead. Not once was there ever a “gun battle” as some people fear where police are confused about the difference between the good guy and the bad guy. The incident is always over by the time the cops show up.

Trained and responsible citizens should be allowed to conceal carry for the protection of those who don’t carry.


People who have no training are a danger to themselves and others and therefore it is responsible, or illegal for them to be trusted with a firearm.

Mike Kuzara



Sheridan shopping preferred by visitor

My actions are slow in keeping up with my intentions because it’s been since Thanksgiving, and then Christmas, when I visited family in Sheridan. I promised myself I’d write to the Press to congratulate the city of Sheridan on its wonderful downtown.

Your Main Street has more delightful shopping than I could ever find in a similar space in the Twin Cities, where I live. Shopping is an absolute joy. I hesitate to mention specific stores because I’ll forget others. Suffice it to say that I can find clothing, from the least expensive to the most, books, (used and new), housewares, jewelry, shoes, gorgeous artwork, furniture, outdoor gear and, of course, coffee shops.

And the wonderful sculpture that delights my eye. Most people probably go to a city to shop. Not me — I go to Sheridan!

Nancy Newman



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