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The Powder Horn was named one of the best master-planned communities in the U.S. in the current edition of Where to Retire magazine. Baby boomers are retiring every day by the thousands and are looking for a place to land and start anew.

The magazine’s short list included the Powder Horn, which opened in 1997 and features 27 holes of golf, fishing, hiking trails, tennis, swimming pools, a gym and a busy activity calendar.

It was the only place chosen in Wyoming, one of only 17 states. None from either South Dakota or Montana. Just one was selected in Colorado.

Tip of the golf visor!, to “Scotty” Scott, its founder, visionary, active member and his ever capable crew of 100-plus who are essential in this national recognition.

“We’re pretty pleased with being recognized,” Scott said Thursday. “The Powder Horn is an extension of the greater Sheridan community and that atmosphere is welcoming and friendly as well.”


Okay, okay.

Q: How many men does it take to change a roll of toilet paper?

A: Don’t know. No one’s ever seen it done.


Baseball trivia……..

Best fielding pitcher ever? (Hint: it’s not Greg Maddux.) Answer below.


There was a delightful photo in Monday’s edition of The Sheridan Press where 8-year-old Dane Steel fires a 40 miles-per-hour fastball under the watchful gaze and likely instructional help of Sheridan Troopers ace pitcher, Drew Adriaens. The Troopers were hosting a summer baseball camp at Thorne-Rider Stadium.

Reminds of a Father’s Day story. About 1990 or so, when those batting cages with speed guns were popular, our family was at Sea World in San Antonio when our 11 year old son, Will, laid down a challenge: he could throw harder than dad. Oh, yeah.

It was a cold, wet, rainy weekday. (Not unlike this “long spring” in Sheridan, ongoing.) Off came the sport coat with personal memories of Little League, Babe Ruth, high school and Legion ball, I thought — it’ll be in the mid-50s to 60 mph.

My best pitch out of three: 38.

His topped at 51. Some stats you never forget.


Baseball trivia answer: Don Mossi.

Mossi, whose nickname was The Sphinx, was a dependable left-handed control pitcher with a 101-80 win-loss record and with 50 saves over a 12-season career (1954-1965).

He played with four American League teams and retired with an ERA of 3.43. He also retired with a .990 fielding percentage. In nine of those 12 seasons, he had a perfect 1.000 average.

Mossi’s best year was with the ’59 Detroit Tigers where he was 17-9 in 30 starts and 15 complete games and had a .980 fielding mark. (Maddux’s career mark, .970.)


Happy Father’s Day!


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