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Cheyl Tiegs, in a bikini, in a forthcoming edition of Sports Illustrated?

Sixty-three years of age?

Next they’ll be saying that pro rasslin’ ain’t on the level.




Thirty years ago today, Valentine’s Day, Henry Maine and Lisa Willhardt, said to each other and those attending, and I’m quoting here, “I do.”

People get married all the time on Valentine’s Day. People are married 30 years and on as well.

What makes their union special is that they met through a “personals” ad in The Sheridan Press.

Henry’s ad: “Single, blonde haired, blue-eyed male, 33, skier, general athletic type, hard worker, and incurable romantic, would like to meet single lady 25-40 with some interests.”

Lisa answered the ad 31 years ago and they tied the knot on this day in 1987 in the Cady House.

They lived in Sheridan then and their marriage was noted in a story and photo in the Press. Henry’s part of the maintenance department in the Hardin school district, “doing whatever it takes,” one day making deliveries, the next, shingling a roof. Lisa is a CNA. Both traveled around the U.S. a great while growing up and fate brought them to Sheridan. “I always liked the area,” adds Henry.

“Singles” ads have pretty much disappeared from the media landscape since that success; the internet and its prolific dating sites the norm these days. So, what’s the secret of 30 years of marriage?

Said Henry: “Patience and forgiveness. No one is perfect.”





For a time, “singles” or “personals” ads had a catch word or two that often had dual meanings. Source material is publisher pal Jim Hicks, married a long time. To wit, if written by a woman:

• “40-ish.” It means they’re 49.

• “Contagious smile.” Her doctor prescribed mood changers.

• “Free spirit.” Could be on medication.

• “Friendship first.” You might as well date your sister.

• “Open minded.” Desperate.

• “Voluptuous.” On the heavy side.

• “Large frame.” Even heavier.

• “Fun-loving.” Annoying.

If written by a man:

• “Lonely.” Would scare flies off a dead cow.

• “Well rounded.” Belt is longer than he is tall.

• “Loves outdoors.” Does not shower regularly.

• “Avid hunter.” Won’t be around in the fall.

• “Likes to travel.” You better have some serious money.

• “Hard working.” Has had five jobs in the last two years.

• “Seeks companionship.” He can’t afford to pay his rent.

• “Intellectual.” A know-it-all pain in the butt.




Happy Valentine’s Day!

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