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Weather seems to be all folks talk about lately. Well, politics will likely remain at the top of the talking points list for awhile, but weather is a safer topic to tackle.

So, while many skulk around the county cursing the snow either under their breath or at the top of their lungs for all to hear, I thought I’d share some of the often forgotten perks of winter.

Comforting beverages — I drink a lot of tea. I also love a nice latte from time to time. Both of those piping hot drinks provide much more comfort in the winter than, say, August, in the Bighorns.

Cozy clothes — What other season can you comfortably layer up? Whether that means sweaters and leggings and boots or sweatpants and hoodies on the couch, winter clothing add a level of cozy that doesn’t accompany the sweaty purgatory of summer when you can only (legally — remove so many layers).

Movie season —Sure, in the summer air conditioning can provide the perfect incentive to go to a movie. But, I still argue that winter has the best movies. Many of the most-anticipated films are released around Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. Plus, this time of year, you’ll find me in a seat at Centennial Theatre on Wednesdays taking in the lesser-known films the theater brings to town for its twice-a-year film series.

Soup — See the note above regarding warm beverages. Then, include the savory yumminess of the vast kinds of soup out there. My favorites? Baked potato, classic chicken noodle, white chicken chili and ohhh the list goes on.

Sledding, snowshoeing, etc. — I’ve said it many times before: There is little that beats the sense of peace that comes with snowshoeing in the forest and hearing nothing but the wind in the trees around you. Snow has the magical property of muffling sound, which somehow extends to metaphorical sound as well. All that noise in your heads has the uncanny way of disappearing in the quiet of the mountains.

Warm weather trips — A trip to sunny locales has less appeal when you’re already in the warmth at home. So, winter in Wyoming can help you appreciate any trips to warmer climates between November and, well, May. For example, later this month I will travel to Orlando for a conference. I cannot imagine a time of year I would appreciate the trip more than late February. Sunshine, warm temperatures and green foliage. I recently rewatched a movie about Antarctica that touched on how folks that spend months down there start to crave fresh fruits, vegetables and color in their landscapes. They spoke of enjoying a walk barefoot in the grass when returning to New Zealand. Sometimes, but March in Wyoming, I understand how they feel.

Since Punxsutawney Phil said we’ve got a few more weeks of winter, I guess we have some time to soak up all of these perks!


Editor’s column Kristen Czaban

By |February 11th, 2017|

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