Short-term actions threaten long-term success

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We are writing to express our dedication to our public schools and our concerns over the flurry of bills in Cheyenne cutting funding to Wyoming schools. As educators we are passionate about seeing all of our students succeed. Public schools are a very important part of our communities and Wyoming is blessed with excellent public schools.

While we fully appreciate our state’s financial challenges we have great concerns about the devastating cuts being proposed in the Legislature. Graduation rates in Sheridan continue to increase. Schools in both Sheridan County School Districts 1 and 2 have been honored for their success by being rewarded with Blue Ribbon status. Wyoming holds high rankings nationally for its public schools. We do not want to risk reversing these successes. Parents in Wyoming deserve good schools for their students.

For decades we have talked about economic diversity. If we are ever able to achieve economic diversity we need to educate and develop tomorrow’s leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs. Increasing class size and cutting funding from vital school programs and staffing will not achieve economic diversity goals. A constitutional amendment taking away the vital checks and balances in government as designed into our democratic process will not create the educated workforce that will help attract new businesses.

Having great public schools depends on attracting and retaining excellent teachers. We are concerned that the proposals in the Legislature will make it increasingly difficult to draw great educators to our state.

Our students deserve the best and bills that take money from our public schools and give it to private schools will only hurt our most economically disadvantaged students and their families.

Public school teachers, counselors, administrators and staff are committed to ensuring students achieve their full potential and become productive citizens. We should never make shortsighted cuts without thinking about the long-term implications for our state, our students and their families, and our communities. What kind of state will we have if we cut away our public education future?

Susie Mohrmann, Janet Ruleaux and Sara Heywood,

all of Sheridan

By |February 9th, 2017|

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