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Finally, a reason to go to Casper. (Jes’ kidding.)

A total eclipse of the sun is coming Aug. 21 and Casper is the ideal spot, so say scientists and astronomers who are up on this sort of thing. The “totality” of the eclipse will be about 60 miles from the Ghost City (CB radio talk from the 1970s). So, that puts us reasonably close for the big event.

The eclipse will occur at 11:42:40 a.m. mountain time and will last two minutes, 26 seconds.

Getting a room in Casper?

They’re all booked up, but would imagine there are some available hereabouts for visiting family and friends. Would imagine there will be a celebration or two.




Centennial Theatre kicks off the spring 2017 film festival with “The Eagle Huntress,” a documentary about a 13-year-old Kazakh girl from Mongolia as she becomes the first female eagle hunter in her country. Seven generations of her nomad family have pursued this occupation. (She trains golden eagles to hunt foxes.)

Owner Bill Campbell has a terrific lineup of acclaimed and Academy Award nominated films coming over the next 10 weeks, including: “Moonlight,” “Lion,” “Fences,” “Elle,” “Loving,” “Jackie” and others.

Showtimes at 4:30 and 7:15 p.m. Wednesdays.




I’m of the generation that still enjoys getting (and sending) thank you notes.

Nice note in Monday’s mail — the real mail — from Carmen Rideout, executive director of Sheridan Senior Center. They’re in the middle of expansion and remodeling. We’re a small part of their capital campaign, yet the note recognized such. So many generous and supportive people and organizations are involved in this effort.

In 2016, the Sheridan Senior Center provided services to more than 4,800 older Sheridan County adults.

(This aging thing is a one-way street.)




An older gentleman, “experienced” in these matters, dropped off some sayings about aging.

• When I was young, all I wanted was a good BMW. Now, you can drop the W.

• Cremation. That’s thinking outside the box.

• I asked my wife if older men wear boxer shorts or briefs. She replied, “Depends.”

• I’m so old that when I eat out, they ask me for the money up front.






“Last week, during a speech, I stated how this woman was the ugliest woman I had ever seen. I have since visited with her sister, and now wish to withdraw that statement.”

Mark Twain, author/humorist, 1835-1910.

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