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I have been out of town for the last week. Kristen has been working out with another PURENERGY trainer, Aaron Gray. He had a blast training her on two days last week and on Monday. According to Aaron, she is doing great!

Since I am out of the gym I wanted to discuss a few things I wish all clients knew before they began working out with a trainer. Regardless of goals, every session with a trainer is a commitment in time, energy and money. Here are five tips to making the most out of that time.

Show up 10 minutes early. 

Stretch, warm up and be ready to go. Looking for warmup ideas? All trainers will give you good suggestions for a proper warmup that will work best for you.

Bring water, and a snack.

Surprisingly enough this is most important for clients that are trying to achieve weight loss. If you are at a calorie deficit when you start your workouts, you have less fuel in reserves. Once in a while this translates to dizziness, nausea and a general feeling of yuck that isn’t helpful to a workout or a busy day. Having a piece of fruit or sports drink when you are depleted can keep you feeling great and able to conquer your day, not suffer through it. You can still achieve weight loss, and actually this is the healthiest way to do it.

Do your homework.

I see most of my clients twice a week for 45 minutes… so I can only help you so much when I have you for 90 out of the 10,080 minutes in a week. The best results are seen when my clients come in on their off time to do workouts on their own. It improves results and helps you learn your way around the gym better so eventually you can go on your own or bring your training to even higher levels.

Focus on the big stuff.

It’s very easy to get caught up in the “science of nutrition and workouts.” You really only have to concentrate on three things: Did I move my body today? Did I eat well today? Did I sleep well last night? If you do these three things every day, your life, fitness and weight will improve.

Be honest.

Many new clients think we punish them with exercise. But the real punishment is not getting the most out of your sessions with a trainer because you haven’t prepared. When a client walks in the door with a hangover or is struggling with illness, I usually work with them to do the most we can. But it usually isn’t near the workout I had planned for them. We don’t punish with exercise, we reward with it! When a client comes in prepared, rested and game for a challenge I can bring them to a point where they feel they can accomplish anything and the results quickly follow.

When you eat, sleep, train like an athlete you get the results you want and the better health that belongs to you.


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 Editor’s note: This is part five of a series of articles written by Sheridan Press editor Kristen Czaban and PURENERGY owner Caryn Moxey. Czaban will write the next article on Feb. 13. The series is called “Training grounds.”

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