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It’s been a great two weeks for Kristen. She works super hard and is always on time, prepared and ready to go. She is the type of client every trainer likes to see because it allows me to help her get the fastest results possible. (And now she has a huge head from all of these compliments.) 

I look forward each Monday to reading her “reviews” on our sessions and even though it is fun, the pressure is definitely on me to make a great impression.

I have a few goals for this eight weeks of training Kristen while being the best trainer I can and setting a good example of what to expect from all trainers.

One major goal and big part of my job is to make her sweat (or glisten as one of my clients calls it).

Kristen sweats, she works hard and challenges me to come up with ways to challenge her. The fact that she was a college athlete really shows during her workouts, she has great focus, coordination and really wants to get the most out of her workouts. I work with a broad range of clients each day. Each and every one of them has something that makes them excel in their own way.

I also have a small window to help Kristen fall in love with fitness and with her athletic self again. A vital part of personal health is being able to see the improvements as they come. To enjoy the place you are today even though you still want to get better. When Kristen and I met for her consult, I realized her desire and potential. 

Personally I see Kristen as her best self, what she will become if she stays consistent, inspired and most of all healthy. It’s my job to keep her on that path to be her best, because it is so incredibly easy to get off track while on that journey.

I am looking forward to seeing what the next six weeks bring for her. I have some workouts and exercises that can be difficult yet incredibly rewarding and look forward to seeing how she does with them. She is learning to eat, hydrate and sleep like an athlete so that I can continue to train her like an athlete. 

The more consistent she is, the harder I can work her, the stronger she will become. She has a few muscular imbalances and minor aches and pains that I will work to improve. One of her specific goals is to be fit enough to enjoy running again, and we are already beginning to add running intervals to her workouts. I am putting her on the spot by saying this, but I am looking forward to running a 5K with her in the future!

Here is to the next six weeks! If you have any questions you would like answered in this column or questions for me specifically, please feel free to email me at


Editor’s note: This is part two of a series of articles written by Sheridan Press editor Kristen Czaban and PURENERGY owner Caryn Moxey. Czaban will write the next article on Jan. 30, answering questions about what it’s like to have a personal trainer and getting back into shape. The series is called “Training grounds.”

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