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Sunday (Family) — Serve the family stuffed pork loin with tropical salsa and be ready for compliments. Enjoy the juicy pork with couscous and fresh green beans. Add sourdough bread. Slice pound cake and top it with strawberries for dessert.

Plan ahead: Save enough pork for Monday.
Shopping list: butter, onions, pine nuts, boneless pork loin roast, salsa, canned crushed pineapple, couscous, fresh green beans, sourdough bread, pound cake, strawberries.
Monday (Heat and Eat) — Use the leftover pork for soft tacos with pork. Cut leftover pork into strips. Spread warm corn tortillas with heated canned vegetarian refried beans. Top with pork, shredded lettuce, chopped onion and chunky salsa. Roll and eat. Serve with sliced steamed zucchini and sliced avocado. Make flan (from a mix) for dessert.

Shopping list: corn tortillas, canned vegetarian refried beans, shredded lettuce, onion, chunky salsa, zucchini, avocado, flan mix.

Tuesday (Budget) — Two-cheese pasta saves money and time. Cook 10 ounces rotini (twists) according to directions and add 2 cups frozen cauliflower, broccoli and carrot mixture (loose-packed) the last 5 minutes of cooking; drain. Into the heated saucepan, combine 1 cup 1 percent milk, 3 ounces reduced-fat cream cheese and 1/4 teaspoon pepper. Cook and stir on low until cream cheese melts. Return pasta and vegetable mixture to saucepan. Toss to coat with cream cheese mixture. Stir in 1/2 cup freshly grated parmesan cheese.
Serve immediately with mixed salad greens and garlic bread. Fresh pineapple chunks with toasted coconut is a light dessert.

Shopping list: rotini pasta, loose-packed frozen cauliflower, broccoli and carrot mixture, 1 percent milk, reduced-fat cream cheese, pepper, parmesan cheese, salad greens, garlic bread, fresh pineapple, toasted coconut.

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