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At about 6:15 a.m. today (Monday), I finished my third workout with Caryn Moxey from PURENERGY Fitness in Sheridan. 

My muscles are tired and sore, but in a good way.

I’ve already had a few embarrassing moments.

I already feel better.

First let’s talk embarrassment. Caryn and I have been meeting at about 5:30 a.m. each time we workout together. On the second day, Thursday, I rolled out of bed and got dressed in the dark. Only as we started the second round of squats did I realize I had put on the pair of old workout pants that had a hole in them. Ugh. I apologized to Caryn and tried to make it through the workout without thinking too much about the hole in my britches.

After the first day, I hurt. Stairs were the worst, not going up them, but down them. Luckily, there aren’t a crazy number of stairs in our beautiful little town.

Tuesday’s workout primarily focused on giving Caryn a chance to assess my movements, my strengths, weaknesses and goals. We did a little bit of everything, it seemed.

On Thursday, the workout included some cardio circuits and lifting. I still suck at pull-ups.

I had homework to do: two 30-minute cardio workouts before we met again Monday morning. I chose the elliptical to stretch out my muscles without hurting myself on both Saturday and Sunday.

During our workouts, Caryn gives tips and talks about form along the way. She made me feel a little better about being so sore with one comment she made. Because I have an athletic background that includes weight training and working with trainers, she said I am good at isolating muscle groups. That, in turn, means I’m using the muscles she wants me to use versus whatever gets the job done easiest. So, I should be more sore than the average bear. True or not, I’m buying it.

We’ve also talked about nutrition and where the train comes off the tracks for me. I don’t drink a whole lot, maybe a couple glasses of wine per week at the most. But, convenience and ease definitely dominate my meal choices. This will become more true when graduate school classes start again.

So, focusing on small, sustainable changes will be key, Caryn tells me.

Breakfast comes easy. Some yogurt and granola at my desk shortly after our workouts satisfies my hunger and is fairly healthy. Lunch and dinner seem to be more of a struggle for me as I’m not great at planning ahead for those.  

We also talked shoes. Right now, I wear pretty minimalist shoes. I like them because they are light.

But, I supinate when I run. This means that most of the weight is on the outside of my feet when my foot hits the ground. So, she suggested a sturdier pair of shoes to balance out my feet a bit. She acknowledged that they’ll weigh more than my current shoes, but said my feet — and therefore the rest of me — will likely feel better overall. 

The trick through all this is trying not to think about the results too much. I feel better, but it’s taking a lot of willpower not to weigh myself.

Three sessions down, 13 more to go!


Editor’s note: This is part two of a series of articles written by Sheridan Press editor Kristen Czaban and PURENERGY owner Caryn Moxey. Moxey will write the next article on Jan. 23, answering questions about what it’s like to have a personal trainer and getting back into shape. The series is called “Training grounds.”

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