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The Sheridan Civic Theatre Guild will present “Bakersfield Mist” beginning Jan. 20 at the Carriage House Theater.

It’s directed by Gene Davis and stars Aaron Odom and Erin Kranz.

It’s the story of a bartender who finds a long-lost Jackson Pollock painting that is worth millions. Critics love the mystery and the comedy. The story is based upon a number of facts.

It’ll run for nine performances through Feb. 4. Info: www.sheridanstage.com. Tickets available from the WYO Theater box office.


Whew! The flu!

That flu bug laid out the Notebook recently. Had a first-hand appreciation of the new intensive care unit at Sheridan Memorial Hospital. All shiny and new, a first-rate facility. It’s certainly a lift to local health care and the community. (I would’ve much preferred a “tour” instead of being a “guest.”)

Thursday’s Press, page one, featured a story how Sheridan, number one in football this season, is also number one in the head count of flu cases. There are 386 cases of the stuff, with 105 coming out of Sheridan County.

Be careful out there.


There was some talk over coffee earlier this week regarding how we all needed a good “Chinook Wind” to provide a dose of relief from the cold.

Longtime publisher pal Jim Hicks of the Buffalo Bulletin writes this week about the greatest recorded temperature change in 24 hours. Chinook winds on Jan. 15, 1972, in Loma, Montana, caused the temperature to rise from 54 degrees below zero to 49.


A husband and wife came into the therapist’s office for counseling after 20 years of marriage. When asked what the problem was, the wife went into a passionate, painful tirade listing every problem they’ve had over the course of their long marriage.

She went on and on: neglect, lack of intimacy, emptiness, loneliness, feeling unloved and unlovable. An entire laundry list of unmet needs she had endured for these two decades.

Finally, after allowing this to go one for a sufficient length of time, the therapist got up, walked around his desk, and asked the wife to stand. He embraced her tightly and kissed her on the lips very passionately. The woman shut up, and quietly sat down as if in a daze.

The therapist turned to the husband and said, “This is what your wife needs at least three times a week. Can you do this?”

The husband thought for a moment.

Then replied, “Well, I can drop her off her on Mondays and Wednesdays, but on Fridays, I fish. 


This weekend, shop Sheridan!

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