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As the new year comes in like a lion, we all need to take some time and make some goals and resolutions. Perhaps we should try and become the person we should be.

My wife had a great (funny) saying on her Facebook page this month and I would like to share it with all of you.

I really think we need to look at starting everyone’s new resolutions in February.

Her quote goes like this; “January is the worst month; you’re fat and broke from the holidays, paler than ever, and you cannot feel your own face when you walk outside.”

Do not get me wrong, I love the winter, but after several years of shoveling snow from my walks, South Florida is starting to look really good as far as the weather is concerned. People that live in Wyoming have to tough, “Cowboy Tough.” Below-zero temperatures or a balmy, windy 1 above zero makes us all appreciate the other seasons of the year. You will not hear any complaining about the lack of snow from me this winter, we have done twice as much skiing, snowshoeing and snow machine riding this year compared to last year. Our coldest temps in the area are usually the end of January and the first week of February, so if you are not prepared for winter, you better put on another blanket.

Sheridan County offers a lot of out-door activities at this time of year but be aware of the elements and stay safe. There are some days it is just OK to stay inside and stay warm. Over Christmas and New Year’s, my kids, wife and friends played cards and board games to pass the time and have fun. I cut firewood… outside. and shoveled more snow, which is great exercise but gets a old after a half dozen trips to clear the driveway. Whatever resolutions you make this year, make them reasonable and something you enjoy. Walking 20 minutes a day with a friend makes a difference in your health and outlook on life.

January is a great planning month for outdoor projects as you have some time to process and plan your life. It will not be long and the sun will shine through again and it will get very busy in the Sheridan area. I would like to congratulate every citizen in the Sheridan area for your toughness and perseverance this new year. We are an independent, strong community with many great qualities and have much to offer. Thanks to all of you, and good luck to you in 2017.

Enjoy your Parks and Recreation….


Richard Wright is the executive director of the Sheridan Recreation District.

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