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When I attended Northwestern University I competed in Division I sports. Hard to believe now, but I could exercise and train with the best of them. 

When I stopped competing my senior year, I started running. I ran several miles each day nearly every day of the week. I loved it. I understood the meaning of runner’s high all too well. 

Then, I moved to Sheridan. I made a lot of excuses. I stopped running. 

Despite the beauty of my surroundings, I put more time into making friends and establishing myself in my new home than I did seeking that runner’s high. Soon, exercise became harder. Then, I gained a lot of weight.

The excuses continued. No time. It hurts. I don’t have the right shoes.  

Now, as my dog ages and he can’t run with me or hike with me anymore, my excuses have gotten more abundant.

I work out occasionally. I’ll go to the YMCA, go for hikes, etc. But, it isn’t what it used to be. 

I need something or someone to hold me more accountable. 

So, I started asking around about personal trainers. Maybe if I paid somebody to hold me accountable, I’d get it done. I’d re-establish the habits I once had. 

I heard a lot of responses from friends and acquaintances. I also received a lot of questions. What had I learned in my search for information? What does a personal trainer cost? Is it worth it? Did it work?

So, I reached out to a personal trainer I have worked with in other capacities before. Caryn Moxey at PURENERGY Fitness has spoken at FAB conferences in the past. She also came highly recommended. 

We worked out a deal to help answer the questions so many people seem to have. She’ll be my personal trainer for two months. I won’t pay her to be my trainer, and she won’t pay The Press for the columns. We’ll meet two times per week.

Throughout the two months, we’ll alternate writing columns about the experience and share what we learn (or in her case what she knows) along the way. 

We hope it will be informative, humorous and perhaps helpful. I have a hunch it might be slightly embarrassing for me.

I’m not the 5-foot-2 tiny, athletic woman recruiting you to participate in a new workout routine. You know the ones, they look like they’ve never had an extra ounce of fat in their lives. I’m overweight, out of shape and just an ordinary person. I like wine and I like pizza. 

The goal isn’t to lose weight — though of course that would be a bonus. I hope to become a runner again. I want that stress reliever and joy back in my life. 

So, on Tuesday morning at 5:15 a.m., I’ll meet Caryn at the gym. For our first session, Caryn said she will put me through a 35-minute workout to see how I move, what my strengths are and what I need to work on. 

Then, she’ll build workouts based on that. She’s promised that her goal isn’t to kill me, but to help me find a path to better health and quality of life. 

She’s told me to expect to be sore and to be challenged, but to get stronger too.

We’ll talk workouts, nutrition and mental toughness. We’ll work through travel and mornings when I just don’t feel like working out.

I hope it helps answer some of the questions I’ve had and heard from others.


Editor’s note: This is the first column in a series entitled “Training grounds” that will be written by Sheridan Press managing editor Kristen Czaban and PURENERGY Fitness owner Caryn Moxey each Monday for the next two months.

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