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The ghosts of Christmas past are beginning to show up. American Express. Visa. Mastercard.




The new edition of True West magazine arrived recently — always a lift in the day — and in it, its annual listings of the “True West True Western (Top 10) Towns.”

Sheridan is on the list. In 2011, Sheridan was the number one TW city.

The article illustrates all there is to do here with mentions of local history, area battlefields, the county museum, Sheridan Inn, the Mint Bar, King’s Saddlery, The Brinton Museum and more. Sheridan Travel and Tourism also purchased two ads in the magazine, one on page three, which doubles down on all that Sheridan offers. Neighboring Buffalo also received mention in the TW edition and Pinedale also made the top 10 list.

Bless those tourists.




Some television trivia.

Who was the first couple to be shown in bed together in primetime television? Answer below.




Today, new members of the 115th Congress were sworn in. That includes Wyoming’s newly elected representative, Liz Cheney.

The swearing in of a new Congress reminds of a Harry Truman story.

He was elected from Missouri in 1934.

“The first six months here, I tried to figure out how in the hell did I get here,” Truman said, “Then, during the next six months, I tried to figure out, how the hell did they (the other senators) get here.”




I see by the paper…..

• One of the better business stories of 2016 was the development of Smarttress by the Spanish company, Durmet. It’s a high-tech bed that with 24 “ultrasonic sensors,” can detect rhythmic movements and send a notification to one’s cellphone when the bed is in use and how many people are on it. The Huffington Post story says the mattress retails for $1,700. One critic noted why didn’t the firm include a Taser as well, to catch cheating spouses.

• A Southwest Airlines pilot congratulated a plane-load of Raiders fans drinking the aircraft out of booze, beer and wine on the flight to Kansas City last month. “Yep, it’s a Raiders flight,” said the pilot on the PA, that’s about two-plus hours of drinking. A sportswriter, also on board as a passenger, posted the story to TravelPulse. The pilot said the fans were “not particularly rowdy” and were dressed in Raiders gear. The Raiders lost the game, 21-13, to the Chiefs but are in the playoffs.




No twin beds…..TV trivia answer: Fred and Wilma Flintstone, ABC network, 1960-1966





“You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.”

Wayne Gretzky, professional hockey player, leading scorer in NHL history, 894 goals.


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