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Happy New Year, Sheridan!


Some baseball trivia, right here in the middle of winter….

• Who was the first player to be named Rookie of the Year from the designated hitter position? (Answer below.)


This time of year, there’s all kinds of resolutions and “lists” for the new year. Resolutions often have a shelf life of a few hours, or weeks. But that’s OK. Here’s a list for what I’d like to see in 2017:

• The grandchildren turning off the lights when leaving a room. And flushing toilets.

• Support a science initiative that eliminates calories — and guilt — from late-night expeditions into the realm of dairy products.

• Develop a national political system where voters have a chance not to hate at least one candidate for president.

• Fund a fact-finding mission to determine why “no” is such a hard word to understand.

• Fix health care. Secure Social Security and Medicare. And keep the political folk from getting their mitts on them.

• Fix the tax code.

• Have more “instructive” penalties for drivers in Sheridan who text while driving on Main Street. (Pedestrians, head-on, coming-right-at-you drivers; two small lanes) Say, an ankle bracelet for a while. For drivers who text on Coffeen, say impound the vehicle for 60 days. Right then and there. (I know, I know; I’m a cranky old white guy.)

• Have coaches show all pitchers — National Leaguers and American Leaguers — how to bunt.

• Most of all in 2017, one remote control. That runs everything with a screen or speakers. Just one. That’s it. One. Uno. 1.


Blotter News

“A woman wanted to speak to (police) officers about another woman who was badmouthing her.”

— Great Falls (Montana) Tribune


(Trivia answer: Eddie Murray, Baltimore Orioles, 1977. Murray, a member of baseball’s Hall of Fame, hit .283 and had 27 home runs and 88 runs-batted-in his rookie season. Known as “Steady Eddie,” he played 20 seasons for five teams and had 3,255 hits, 504 home runs and 1,917 RBIs.


The Sunday school teacher was trying to instill in her young class the joys of shouting “hallelujah!”

She asked, “what do church members shout with great joy?”

One youngster replied, “Bingo!”

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