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One doesn’t hear the chirps about how Wyoming’s football team should go down a class, giving up its Division I, NCAA status. The Cowboys’ recent 8-6 season, with a narrow bowl game loss to old rival BYU, likely has salved that rub for a while. Coach Craig Bohl recently signed a big contract extension.

The Pokes lost four games by three points each, including one that went three overtimes. (69-66, UNLV). Part of the coulda, shoulda, woulda dynamic was a 12-2 season.

Disappointing, it was, to read how star running back Brian Hill was forgoing his senior year in Laramie to enter the next NFL draft. He’s Wyoming’s all-time leading rusher with 4,195 yards, including 1,860 this year.




Watching a boatload of bowl games with our son reminds how there are so many team names. Lions is the most common, said one researcher. Cowboys, as in UW, well, that’s a good name. Ditto Vandals, from Idaho; they finished 9-4 and played in a bowl game for the first time since 2009. My vote for the best?

The Wampus Cats.

From Itasca, Texas. It’s about 1,600 people, near Fort Worth. Some 180-plus in the school.

Don’t know what a Wampus Cat is, exactly, but it sure sounds like a mean sucker.




I see by the paper…….

• Wyoming’s population declined by 1,054, so says the Census and the Wall Street Journal. In all, some 585,501 live here. Wyoming was one of seven states to drop. It was the first decline since 1990. Illinois and West Virginia led the way in population shrinkage. Utah gained the most population (2 percent) with Nevada and Idaho ranked 2-3 with 1.8 percent growth. Overall, the U.S. has a population of 323.1 million.

• Stanford University funded a research study that found how 82 percent of today’s middle-schoolers could not distinguish the difference between a real news story on a news website from a “sponsored content” post by a business.




No doubt a lot of golfers received new equipment from Santa. So, $500 for one of those big-headed drivers, another $200 for a putter. Etcetera. Age, chemo, a transplant and illness have prompted Ole Buster here to realize he can’t hit it past anybody anymore.

Rick Reilly, the celebrated author and former Sports Illustrated columnist, has the best analogy of golf and equipment in his book, “Missing Links.” Reilly lives in Denver and sports a six handicap.

Reilly cites the “45-day rule.” That every piece of equipment he buys works great for “45 days.” Then, tee shots begin going into the woods, the putts only get halfway to the hole, and encouraging wedge play returns to abysmal.





“These are my values. And if you don’t like them, I have others.”

Groucho Marx, American comedian/film star, 1890-1977

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