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Here’s hoping you had a merry Christmas. And stop being a prude. We can say merry Christmas. I tend to lean pretty heavily toward the side of being politically correct, because we need to stop excluding people. But Christmas is a joyful time of year, and wishing someone a “merry Christmas” is a jovial greeting. But if someone wishes you a “happy holidays,” that’s perfectly fine, too. Let’s be civil adults here, peeps.

Anyway, I hope your Christmas was merry, and should you celebrate another holiday, I hope that was equally as merry. If you celebrate no holidays, I still hope you’ve had a merry week. In the words of the great Clark Griswold, “‘tis the season to be merry.”

It’s been cold and snowy, so hopefully you cuddled up by the fire and watched Lebron James dunk all over the Golden State Warriors.

All that said, here’s the final Mike P. Mailbag of the year.


The 72-10 Chicago Bulls or the 73-9 Golden State Warriors — who wins a seven-game series?

— Josh


This one is tough because the Warriors didn’t end up winning the championship. “Don’t mean a thing without the ring,” as Scottie Pippen would describe it.

And listen, I’ll be the first to throw guys out there — eh, hmm, Lebron James — in arguments against Michael Jordan being the greatest ever, but last year’s Warriors didn’t have anybody better than Jordan. Steph Curry was just the third best player on the court in the NBA Finals. The edge has to go to Chicago in that aspect.

But I’ll also be one of the first to argue that the current batch of players in the NBA is better than any other era of the NBA. I’m sorry, old guys, but the game is steadily progressing.

That doesn’t mean the collective teams are better, though. I’d project the Warriors would get a 3-1 lead before obviously blowing it and the ‘96 Bulls take the series.


Would you rather be the best kicker of all time or an average quarterback?

— Reid


Best kicker, no doubt. This is history we’re talking here, Adam Vinatieri status. That guy has single-handedly won Super Bowls. He’s 44, still one of the best in the game and has only kicked for two teams.

A mediocre QB is playing for probably four or five teams when it’s all said and done. You’re learning millions of plays and studying gobs of film while getting creamed by Khalil Mack and JJ Watt. Derek Carr just snapped his leg in half on a pretty routine play, and he’s better than average.

Shout out to the Eli Mannings and Joe Flaccos of the world who are somehow convincing people that their mediocrity is more than that, but Adam Vinatieri is a god. He gets more chicks than Eli and Joe, for sure.


Why does everybody hate Duke?

— Woody


This was a Mailbag headliner all the way back in February, but good ol’ Grayson Allen has us revisiting the age-old question 10 months later. And he’s making it pretty darned easy to answer.

Allen has purposely tripped three opponents. I’d say he’s done it in just a 10-month stretch, but does it matter? Isn’t it horrible to do that during the span of one’s lifetime? Tripping three dudes is tripping three dudes.

Allen is a punk, a spoiled brat coddled by Coach K, the self-proclaimed “leader of young men.” Certain people build this aura around Coach K, and that aura is why other people hate Duke. Maybe that’s not Coach K’s fault, but whatever. Duke is prissy and consistently good, and it’s annoying.

If you find yourself defending Grayson Allen’s temper-tantrums, congratulations, you’re the answer to a Mike P. Mailbag question.


If Ty Crane went one-on-one with Junior Battle right now, who would win?

— James


There’s only one Ty Crane.

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