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Monday’s Electoral College vote affirming president-elect Donald Trump’s victory in November reminds that no other state gets more out of the EC than Wyoming.

OK. OK. Secretary Clinton won more votes, about 2.6 million in the popular ballot, the largest gap in the country’s history when the same candidate didn’t also win the Electoral College. On Nov. 8, Wyoming tallied 255,849 votes, or 1.17 Election College votes per 100,000 voters. The District of Columbia (0.96, 311,268 votes) and Vermont (0.95, 315,067) and Alaska (0.94, 318,608) were the next three states, according to data from the Electoral College and The Wall Street Journal. Minnesota with its 10 Electoral College and 2,944,813 votes had the least influence on the EC votes per 100,000 with a ratio of 0.34. Neighboring Colorado, too, counts itself among the least influential in the EC with nine votes, 2,780,218 votes and a ratio of 0.32.

The Electoral College was established in 1787. Several groups, dissatisfied with the Trump victory, are making an end-run around the Constitution with a plan called the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. Ten states and the District of Columbia are on board. Proponents also cite how voters in a few counties in Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania and North Carolina determine recent elections for the entire country.

There are challenges, of course, to making a change. For one thing, the Constitution would have to be amended. This only happens if two-thirds of Congress agrees on the proposal and then three-fourths of the states ratify it. These days, Congress can’t agree on from which direction the sun rises. If so (unlikely), and the national election goes to a plurality system and if the election’s close, imagine the logistical — and national — nightmare of a recount. What happened in Florida in 2000 with Bush v. Gore would be like a day at the beach.




A four-peat?

Could be.

Come Feb. 6, Sheridan High School’s “We the People” team will again be in competition for the state championship in Cheyenne, the winner will represent Wyoming nationally in Washington, D.C., April 21-24. The team, sponsored and coached by educator Tyson Emborg, has won three straight championships. Other Wyoming teams competing in Laramie for the title will include schools from Cheyenne, Glenrock, Laramie and Jackson.

If you’re interested in watching dress-rehearsal of the SHS team before they compete, the public’s invited to attend the warm-up Jan. 30 at the Fulmer Public Library beginning at 5 p.m. Info: Tyson Emborg, 672-2495, ext. 3228.





“You can accomplish anything in life, provided that you do not mind who gets the credit.”

— Harry Truman, 33rd president of the U.S., 1884-1972 

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