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I’m all for adventure. I’ve said it before; I’ll likely say it again. But, with the weather forecast for the weekend, all signs point to staying indoors.

I wrapped up the fall semester for graduate school this week and look forward to the first weekend without homework in a long time. 

The problem, of course, lies with trying to decide whether to be productive or lazy. Again, with the weather forecast for the weekend, most signs point to lazy.

Here are some options:

• Snuggle with my dog and husband. It’s hard to beat some quality time on the couch staring at my Christmas tree with a cup of cocoa and loved ones. Plus, Toby just got a bath Friday morning, so he’ll be soft and extra snuggly this weekend.

• Finish wrapping Christmas presents and stuffing stockings. I’ll likely also take the time indoors to wrap up my Christmas card writing. I ended up behind on those — darn homework — but look forward to writing notes to friends. Hand-written notes top my list of favorite things to receive in the mail. I recognize the time it takes to say “thank you” or “I love you” in writing. 

• Catch up on my reading. Each time I travel, which somehow lately has been frequent, I stock up on a bunch of magazines that I should just give in and order subscriptions to. The stack keeps growing — again, that darn homework — and threatens to bury anyone who dares to knock it over. With school reading out of the way, I’m eager to dive into the stories told with each turn of the page. One of my favorite magazines, Wired, always sparks an idea or new project. I have three or four of them in the stack. Oh, the possibilities that await!

• Movies. The movies found on TV this time of year are my favorite. They all seem so full of hope, cheer and love. Plus, when else can you get away with endless Christmas movies in a row? Folks tend to think you’re odd if you binge watch your holiday favorites in July.

• Baking. Something about the cold weather and snow, mixed with the holidays, makes me want to break out the KitchenAid and fill the house with the smell of baked goodies. I learned to make a Hungarian bread with orange zest and poppyseed. It’s always been a struggle — the middle always turns out mushy — but the last batch I made came out perfect. Time to see if I can recreate the magic. Then, I’ll bake my family’s favorite chocolate chip cookies. 

• Cleaning. This definitely isn’t the most exciting option, but likely the most necessary. My attention and efforts have been directed elsewhere and our house could use a good, thorough cleaning. While it isn’t much fun while I’m scrubbing toilets, something about a clean house calms my soul. 

No matter the activity that fills the weekend, though, I look forward to a little bit of relaxation. Stay safe! It’s supposed to be a cold one! If you need to finish up your holiday shopping, stay in town and give the local retailers a little extra love.

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