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SHERIDAN — There are many memory-making moments we can have through life. Baking with a grandmother, barbecuing with friends or family, camping, dancing … there are as many different such moments as there are people to make them. We often need to carve out memorable moments. And once done, aren’t you glad you’ve done it?

Travel offers a unique experience not sensed through other activities. If you’ve never traveled before, why haven’t you? Some responses include: the unknown is scary, it’s too expensive, you have pets, or you don’t know anyone who wants to travel.
Let’s take a look at each excuse you’ve given to talk yourself out of a memory-making trip
1. I’ve never traveled before — This is not unusual. Many individuals didn’t grow up with Columbus, Magellan or Desoto.
So, you don’t know how to start? Consider a group organized trip through a reputable organization or through an organization you know others have used and had good experiences.

The benefit of group travel is that it’s relatively simple on your part. You basically have to pay and show up on time. If this is really a new experience for you, look for a group that offers information tips for new travelers.

If you’re intrigued to travel, but hesitate to jump into a full one- to two-week trip, try shorter trips such as day trips or short two- to three-night excursions. These types of trips will give you a flavor of travel and possibly encourage you to try a more adventurous experience later.

2. The unknown is scary — It’s OK, go ahead and say it, trying new things takes us out of our comfort zones. Again, traveling with a group-organized trip with a reputable company is a good way to start. Many people don’t like to travel alone and many in groups are probably doing this for the first time themselves. Take a breath, jump in and test the water. Looking back and wishing you had done something is even scarier. And, who knows? You might likely find out something about yourself in the experience!

3. It’s too expensive — There are reputable travel companies specializing in group trips that will set up monthly payments in advance so your trip is paid when it’s time to go. If you plan ahead for a trip, you can spread out payments with such companies.
There are discounted rates for groups that make travel more affordable per person than if you were planning and paying for the trip yourself.

Many travel services are willing to offer discounts to a guaranteed group.

And, when you get home, all you have are the memories!
4. My pets count on me — You’re right, they do. The majority of travel providers, restaurants or hotels won’t allow you to bring them with you.

If you are enticed by the siren song of travel for yourself, check with veterinarians, pet boarding businesses and possibly even a good family member, friend or neighbor.

Some responsible youth interested in making some extra spending money may be the right choice to watch your beloved pet.
Be sure you work with people you already know and trust; otherwise, boarding your pet is a safer choice.

Your friends and family may be more than happy to watch your loved one just to know that you’re out spreading your wings or in exchange for a thoughtful trinket as thank you gift from your trip. Just ask them.

5. I don’t know anybody to travel with — You’re in luck! Most likely neither do a large number of folks who sign up for group trips. One appealing aspect of group travel is that you’re with people who share a common interest with you: the call to new experiences that travel provides.

Consider grabbing an opportunity to go on a memory-making trip moment. Try new things, meet new people, see things you’ve always meant to see. Start with a day trip or a short overnight trip. Who knows?

You may eventually try that big trip you’ve dreamed about. While discovering the world, you may discover something about yourself.
Remember, we’re not promised tomorrow so take the opportunity today to hit the road, air or high seas.

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