Obstructionism in patriotism’s name

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During Napoleon Bonaparte’s rise to power he claimed to be “defender of the French Revolution” and after he arrived, the coins were inscribed with “Emperor according to the Constitution of the Republic.”

That’s a popular tactic in politics today; swearing to love country and Constitution, while secretly hating and undermining them.
Congress is destroying government of, by, and for the people by hog-tying it with obstructions and failing to promote the general welfare; failing to promote anything other than tax and budget cuts.

This is not the America that George Washington founded to strengthen Government; founded to give America the ability to defend itself while promoting the general welfare of the people through stimulating America’s internal development (with the necessary ability to raise needed revenues).

The Tea Party bloc prefers no taxes or regulations with development controlled by private wealth; with private schools, with private railroads going only to and from plantations, factories, or mineral extraction sites and with tolls on every publicly available service.

They genuinely believe in this while claiming to be the only true patriots adhering to the original intent of the Founders and Constitution.

Mel Logan

By |June 4th, 2013|

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