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SHERIDAN — Technology can show a person the world; it has also helped open the world to a local business.

Flood Marketing has expanded to several markets over recently and they’ve done so by taking a unique approach to growing the business.

Flood Marketing began in 2010 as a social media-based marketing company but has since grown into what co-owner Josh Law calls a “full-fledged, full-service” marketing agency. Staff members incorporate music, web design, videos and other mediums into their marketing efforts.

Since 2010, business has seen exponential growth.

Flood Marketing has been jumping into markets across the western United States. Its most recent expansions have taken hold in Butte, Montana, and Reno, Nevada. The company also has representatives in the Casper area, where Law said they plan to open a physical location in the coming months.

For Law, it’s all about hiring the right people. Most of his employees are previous acquaintances — whether he’s met them in college, in his days as a student at Sheridan High School, or local community members.

“I guess the common thread (to expanding to different markets) was people that I know that I knew I wanted on my team,” Law said.

When Law found those people, he hired them — wherever they were located. Many of his connections opened up opportunities with new clients in different cities.

The best assets for Flood Marketing’s expansion are social media and other internet-based communications.

By using tools such as Facebook Messenger, Flood Marketing employees can work remotely while still maintaining effective communications.

“By being able to do that, we’ve been able to branch out and try a bunch of new things,” Law said.

“We have distinct locations, but we are functioning as one company,” he added.

He said in time they may look to duplicate their staffing in other locations (such as adding designers and video editors) but presently, he wants to keep the majority of the efforts in Sheridan.

Despite the expansion, Law said the company has no plans to leave Sheridan.

Saying that this is his home and the only place he wants to base his business, Law added that he plans to continue to run the majority of the operations out of the office on the third floor of the Old Press Building.

“I’m definitely surprised at where we are, but I am also very much so looking forward to the future and wanting to grow from where we are,” Law said.

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