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Come Sunday, if you know a cancer survivor, same something nice, like: Congratulations! Sunday is National Cancer Survivors Day, now in its 26th year.

It is a celebration for those who have survived, for those who provide inspiration for recently diagnosed patients, for those who provide caregiving, support and outreach.

The National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation defines “survivor” as anyone living with a history of cancer – from the moment of diagnosis, through the remainder of life.

Cancer survivors know first hand how the atmosphere becomes quite still when hearing the news. The treatments are often brutal, both physically and emotionally. And once one gets to the “other side” of recovering good health, there’s always that nagging fear, or doubt, the cancer will reoccur.

The feeling never quite disappears. That’s why, and knowing this saying is often overcooked, each day is particularly sweet; the rain is softer, the sunshine warmer, the phone call with an old friend friendlier.

There are about 14 million cancer survivors. There’s always a connection to celebrate milestones and recognize others who have provided care and support.


Barbara Schuster, associate curator at The Brinton Museum, drops a nice note about how Sunday is also free admission day. (First Sunday of the month.)

The Brinton’s tagline/slogan: Exquisite Art in an Ideal Setting.

That fits ideally.


I see by the paper…….

Forward Sheridan in a newsletter to its investors (The Sheridan Press is one) endorses the $15.85 million Sheridan College bond referendum that will come before voters Aug. 20. Sheridan College seeks to renovate and expand its Technical Education Center. Some points in the FS newsletter that merit another dose of ink:

• Students are being turned away from SC’s machine tool/welding/diesel technology programs due to lack of instructional space. The center is 40 years of age and lacks the space that is needed to teach the precision, high-tech skills required by employers.

• Over the next 10 years, Wyoming is expected to lose 1,359 workers in these trades due to retirement, according to state projections.

Sheridan College, too, is a visible and viable economic partner with Sheridan, providing employment and valuable education for future employment.

When Vacutech relocated here in 2011 from northern Colorado, its CEO John Tucker told The Sheridan Press time and again how the college’s successful vocational training programs and the local work ethic was essential in making that decision to move here.

For additional info: go to; or call Wendy Smith at the college, 674-6446, ext. 2801.



“Schooooooooool’s out for summer!”

— Alice Cooper, singer/songwriter, social muse


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