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ANDER — Under the terms of U.S. Fish and Wildlife delisting of gray wolves, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department is required to monitor the population of wolves in northwest Wyoming.

As part of its ongoing efforts, Game and Fish will conduct scientific trapping operations in several locations during the next few months.”

Trapped wolves are immobilized, processed, and released on-site, in accordance with standard capture and handling techniques. Trapping will take place in the Absaroka Range north of Dubois and west of Cody, the Wind River Range near Dubois, and the Gros Ventre Range north of Pinedale and east of Bondurant.

Near Dubois, trapping locations will include the East Fork, Wiggins Fork, Horse Creek, Warm Springs Creek, Geyser Creek, and Little Warm Springs drainages and their tributaries. Trapping may continue through Aug. 31.

All major access points where Game and Fish is conducting trapping for monitoring purposes will be marked with warning signs. It is critical that the public heeds these signs and does not venture into posted areas.

Monitoring the number, distribution, and other activities of gray wolves is vital to the ongoing recovery effort in the Yellowstone ecosystem.

For more information regarding gray wolf trapping efforts, call the Game and Fish Cody regional office at 307-527-7125 or a local Game and Fish biologist or game warden.

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